What is the first step to get a KimuraDolls kitten from you?

The first step is to join our waitlist and follow our social media pages to stay updated on our upcoming litters and kitten availability. When we are ready to begin accepting deposits for kittens (typically around 10-11 weeks old), we will send an email to everyone who joined our email waitlist. We do not post this on our social media pages. We only post kitten photo / video updates so that everyone can monitor their development and growth.

Do you test your Ragdoll cats?

We genetically test all of our breeder Ragdolls for HCM, MPSVI, PKD1, PK, FIV, FeLV, Blood Type and run a coat color panel. It is a small price to pay to ensure that we are producing healthy and disease free kittens that will be great representatives of the Ragdoll breed. Additionally, it provides reassurance to our future adopters since the #1 reason adopters pay a high fee for a pedigreed kitten is for health and appearance. We are invested in our kittens and in you as much as you are invested in the kitten and us as the breeders. 1. 72 Hour Guarantee
We provide a general 72-hour limited health warranty that the kitten will be delivered to you in good health and free of disease and parasites. Because the kitten is exposed to things beyond our control once they leave our home, we are unable to offer a general health warranty beyond 72 hours. 2. HCM
Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) is an inherited heart condition that affects a feline's heart muscle. It is the most common heart disease that affects all felines, regardless of breed. Our breeder Ragdolls have tested negative for HCM, and because it is an inherited disease, we offer a health warranty on your kitten for this. 3. FIP
Feline Infectious Peritonitis is a highly complicated and deadly virus. There are no accurate tests for the type of coronavirus that mutates into FIP, and most cats are carriers of the coronavirus. Stress is believed to cause the mutation of the coronavirus which leads to FIP. Our breeder Ragdolls thrive in our clean and happy home. Due to the complexity of this virus, we have taken the step to go above and beyond and offer a FIP warranty with the adoption of one of our kittens. 4. MPSVI s/m
Mucopolysaccharidosis VI is severe (MPSVIs) or mild (MPSVIm). A cat can carry one or the other and be normal. But if a cat carries 2 copies of the severe, he/she is at risk of growth retardation, coarse facial features, joint stiffness, corneal clouding, skeletal deformities, and it can compromise the heart and lung funtions. Our breeders are tested for MPSVI and are not bred if they are carriers of a severe/mild copy. 5. PKD1
Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD1) is an inherited disease that can lead to fatal kidney failure. Although it is more prevalent in breeds such as Persians, there are documented studies of PKD1 and the Ragdoll breed. Our breeder Ragdolls have tested negative for PKD1, and because it is an inherited disease, we offer a health warranty on your kitten for this. 6. PK
Pyrovate Kinase Deficiency (PK) is an inherited hemolytic anemia that causes chronic anemia. It is common in many felines including the Domestic Longhair felines, and because Ragdolls are longhair felines, we test for this as well. Our breeder Ragdolls have tested negative for PK, and because it is an inherited disease, we offer a health warranty on your kitten for this. 7. FeLV
Feline Leukemia Virus is one of the most common diseases that impairs a cat's immune system causing certain types of cancers.Our breeder Ragdolls have tested negative for FeLV, but because the virus is shed in saliva, nasal secretions, urine and feces of infected cats, and because we cannot control the environment you expose your kitten to after leaving our home, we are unable to offer a warranty on your kitten for this beyond the 72 hour window. 8. FIV
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is a virus that attacks the immune system leaving a cat vulnerable to many other infections by weakening its immune system. It is transmitted primarily through bite wounds. Our breeder Ragdolls have tested negative for FIV, but because we are unable to control the environment that your new kitten is exposed to after leaving our home, we are unable to offer a warranty for this beyond the 72 hour window.

When are your kittens ready to go to their new homes?

Our Ragdoll kittens will be available to go home with their new families between 12-14 weeks, depending on assessment. The idea of waiting until the kitten is 3 months is daunting on families who may be impatient and are struggling with the excitement of adding a new furry member into their family household (we know). But this age requirement is not only industry standard, it is in the best interest of the kitten. During the first 3 months of their lives, they are still developing emotionally, mentally, and physically. By waiting until they are ready to leave the nest, you are avoiding any potential problems that typically associate with an early separated kitten. But rest assured, we will do our best to take lots of pictures and videos so you can still be a part of their growing lives while you wait!

Do you spay / neuter your kittens?

We have a strict policy on practicing early spay / neuter on our Ragdolls before they go home to their new families. This means that your Ragdoll will have already been spayed / neutered by a licensed veterinarian, prior to coming home with you. We not only want to prevent irresponsible breeding (such as breeding an un-registered or mismarked pet-quality Ragdoll), but we also want to make sure that your kitten comes home and is ready to come home and be a kitten without the burden of you having to take time off of work / school / etc. for the kitten's spay / neuter procedure and healing time. If you are concerned about early spay / neuter, I encourage you to read this article ( about a study done on early spay / neuter. Early spay / neuter has no negative effects on the kitten's development.

What's your take on declawing cats?

We respect your right to raise your kitten as you see fit, however we have a strict policy against declawing. This is also industry standard for any responsible and ethical breeder. We strive to prevent unnecessary surgery on all of our felines, including declawing. None of our Ragdolls are declawed, and due to the docile nature of these cats, there has never been a reason to declaw them. We trim their nails weekly to make sure they stay short and we also trim our kittens' nails to get them used to nail clipping. Scratching is a natural behavior and characteristics of cats, and if you refuse to accept that, perhaps a cat may not be the appropriate fit for your lifestyle. Cats can be taught to utilize scratching posts. Please visit the Humane Society's website ( and read the article about declawing. Please note: declawing your cat will void any and all warranties in the adoption agreement.

Return / Refund Policy

If for some unfortunate reasons, things do not work out, you have 7 days starting from the date you take possession of the kitten to return the kitten for a refund of the adoption fee, less $500.00. The $500.00 fee will cover the cost for me to quarantine the new kitten, run multiple tests (fecal, pcr, FeLV/FIV, etc.) and a veterinary exam to ensure that this kitten did not pick up any bacteria, illness, viruses, or parasites during the 7 days it was somewhere else besides my home. Such bacteria, illnesses, viruses and parasites can wreak havoc on a cattery, so this is a necessary fee in order for me to take back any kitten / cat and not expose my other cats/kittens to potential illnesses.

What if the kitten / cat is not working out? Can I re-sell / re-home?

Absolutely not. We adopt our kittens to individuals and families who have the intent of providing a forever home to one of our kittens. Too many pets / animals end up in animal shelters, and we strive to ensure that one of our kittens does not end up homeless. I am a military spouse and have moved state-to-state every 3-4 years. I understand the struggle of having to find new housing where pets are accepted (I’ve dealt with this), I understand the stress of moving with a pet (I bought a truck and drive my pets to my new home state each move because they are my family members and family means no one gets left behind), and I understand the hardship and stress of continuing to care for a pet for his/her natural life (I once had to send my dog back to his breeder to live with her for a whole month for intense obedience training – it cost me $2,000, but I did not give up on him). Do you see my point here? I’ve dealt with every stress and hardship, but my animals are my family. We don’t give up on family and we don’t forget about them either.

So our contract prohibits you from re-homing a KimuraDolls kitten without our permission. This kitten cannot be rehomed, re-sold, leased, or surrendered to any one, any animal shelter, rescue, pet shop, laboratory, etc. However, we do understand that things can happen, we’re only human after all. In the event you can no longer keep this kitten/cat, so long as you remain honest and open with us, we will work to make sure this kitten is given a new loving and safe home, because that is the most important thing that this contract clause protects.

Reservation Policy

Please see our "Adoption Process" page for more information.

When do you take deposits?

Our number one goal is to make sure our kittens go to loving homes that want them, are enthusiastic and committed, therefore we will never force an adopter to adopt a kitten at a time when they are unable to at the risk of losing their "nonrefundable deposit." We strive to ensure a smooth transition for a kitten to your home at a time that is right for the kitten, and right for you, therefore we do not take early deposits. We begin accepting deposits when kittens are approximately 10.5-11.5 weeks of age. This will allow you ample time to research your options, see pictures of the kittens as they grow, and make a decision. The deposit amount is credited towards the full adoption fee of the kitten. If for some reason you wish to cancel the reservation and the kitten is twelve weeks of age or under, your deposit will be refunded less a $75 cancellation fee. If the kitten is over twelve weeks of age, your deposit will be refunded when the kitten is reserved again by a new owner, less a $100 cancellation fee, and $5/day starting on the day of cancellation, until the kitten is reserved by a new owner. Refunds will be sent via the same payment method. If we need to cancel the reservation, your deposit will be refunded entirely to the same payment method. Reservation of Rights. We reserve the right to refund any deposit at any time in the interest of the kittens and of the parties at our discretion.

How can I get my kitten to me?

All delivery / transportation fees are the responsibility of the adopter and are not included in the adoption fee.

1. Picking up from our home: No delivery fee

2. Delivery to your home within 20 miles of 23322: No delivery fee

3. Delivery to an agreed upon location within 2 hours driving distance from 23322: $30/hour on a roundtrip basis (eg. 1 hour drive to meet you is $60 -- $30 there and $30 back).

4. Pet courier (travels with the kitten in-cabin to your nearest airport). The courier sets the price and you enter into a separate agreement with the pet courier.

Can I visit you / your home before being placed on your waitlist?

We're thrilled that you want to come visit us and our cats and home. But please keep in mind, we are home based breeders who raise our cats and kittens in our home. We are not commercial breeders, and our home is not a pet shop to window shop from. It would be very disruptive if people were coming in and out of our home just to look around. We are also day time professionals with professional careers in the military and in the legal industry. While it's not an absolute prohibited rule as we have allowed families to come over before reserving, the answer will almost always be 'no' when a complete stranger just randomnly sends us a message and asks if they can come over our home. On pick-up day, you and your family may come over to our home to meet us, our cats, and pick up your kitten.

What is the price for one of your kittens?

You can view more information on our "fee" page.

How do I know which kitten I can reserve?

The process of determining which kitten you will get involves many factors. We only breed litters where we intend to keep kittens ourselves. Therefore, we get first pick and will not make a decision in which kitten until they are at least 10 weeks old. Ragdoll kittens need time to develop, and we need as much time as possible to determine quality based on development and growth. Second pick will always go to approved registered breeders where we will be placing limited breeding rights with. Third pick will be pet families. Please remember that we breed to improve, maintain, sustain, and promote. Therefore, the interests of each litter will always be to improve, maintain, sustain, and promote. Any kittens that are deemed not suitable for breeding will be available to families as family pets.

Do you require a contract to adopt one of your kittens?

Absolutely! Every kitten that we produce and placed as either a pet, with breeding rights, or even with a nominal adoption fee, is placed under a strict adoption contract. Placing our kitten is not something we take lightly. We feel strongly about responsible pet ownership, and breeding. Our contract protects us (the breeder), you (the adopter), and especially, the kitten. If you are not able to agree to the terms of our contract, we are not able to place one of our kittens with you in your care.

How do I stay updated on my kitten?

We post all of our kitten updates (pictures and videos) on our social media pages. I recommend you follow our pages so that you can follow along their growth and development.

How do you raise your kittens?

We handraise our kittens from birth. When momma cats are in labor, we stay by her side throughout the entire process, assisting when needed, especially if mom needs a break, so we may help her clean kittens and keep her birthing area clean. Our kittens are hand-handled from birth until they go home with you. As newborns, we weigh them twice a day to ensure they are gaining weight appropriately. This helps us to stay on top of their health and make sure they are healthy and strong. Sometimes we may have to supplement feed kittens, in which case they are handfed. We begin 'hanging out' with our kittens around 4 weeks, right around the time they are beginning to move around on their own with curiosity. At 4-5 weeks, they begin climbing out of the nursing boxes, and between 5-6 weeks, they are climbing all over us, curious with our toes, fingers, shirts, hair, etc. We bathe our kittens at 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks, and 12 weeks. We drive them to our vet at 8 weeks, 10.5 weeks, and 12 weeks. And they usually meet our dogs around 8 weeks of age after they have received their first FVRCP vaccine.

How should I prepare for my new kitten?

You should make sure you have the supplies necessary for your kitten. Please visit our "supplies" page for a list of products and supplies that we use that your kitten may be used to. You should begin setting up your quarantine space in your home. A small quiet area to help acclimate your kitten to your new home. You should have a talk with everyone in your household about the incoming addition, dos and dont's (such as don't let the kitten free roam right away, or don't let the dogs meet the kitten right away, or don't leave the front door open or cabinet doors open, etc.).




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