Who are you?

We are a husband and wife team (Tony & Kim), living the dream in being able to raise and work with these adorable and lovable cats. We are also working professionals by day with Tony serving active-duty in the armed forces, and Kim who is a licensed attorney in Virginia. Together, we pursued our interests in the cat fancy world, and KimuraDolls was created. We are dual registered with The International Cat Association "TICA" & the Cat Fanciers' Association "CFA." We ♥ the Ragdoll breed and we strive to promote and maintain the Ragdoll breed standards.

Are you a registered breeder?

Yes, we are dual registered with The International Cat Association ("TICA") as well as the Cat Fanciers' Associate (CFA). You can search for our registered cattery in the TICA database by searching for "KIMURADOLLS" in the search bar: You can search for our registered cattery in the CFA cattery name index by clicking on "K" and scrolling down until you see our cattery KIMURADOLLS: Note: We own KimuraDolls, KimuraRags, and KimuraRagdolls but operate only under the name KimuraDolls. The other variations were registered to prevent copycats.

Where are you located?

We are currently located in Chesapeake, in the Hampton Roads area of Southeastern Virginia (Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, etc.), about 20 minutes from the North Carolina border. We will be in this area until Spring 2023 at which point we will be relocated to a new area again. Prior to this, we were in the Northeast Ohio area from 2017-2020.

Can I come to your house to see your cats and kittens?

We live in a beautiful cape cod style home in Chesapeake, Virginia, with over 4000+ square feet, and areas of our home dedicated exclusively to the cats (their play room, nursery room, kitten room, etc.). We're thrilled that you want to come visit us and our cats and home. But please keep in mind, we are home based breeders who raise our cats and kittens in our home with us. It would be very disruptive if people were coming in and out of our home just to look around, and would make us an "open to the public" business -- which we are not. Please keep in mind that if you want your kitten / cat to come with a background of being home-raised, you'll need to understand and respect why we don't operate as an open to the public business. While it's not an absolute prohibited rule as we have allowed selected families to come over before reserving, the answer will almost always be 'no' when a complete stranger just randomnly sends us a message and asks if they can come over our home to see our home and all of our cats and kittens before they reserve a kitten. We do not have "business hours," and we do not have staff on hand. We do not have a "facility" for you to see or visit. Our home is not a pet shop to window shop for a kitten. Our cats and kittens are raised in our home with us and our pet German Shepherds as part of our family. The only exception is on pick-up day. Adopters are invited into our home on pick-up day to meet us and our cats, and of course your new kitten.

Who are your breeding cats?

Our breeding cats can be found on our "Ragdoll Family" page. Our breeding program is comprised of high quality cats with superior genetics and bloodlines, championship titles, champtionship lines, and outstanding pedigrees from reputable lines. Before we make a decision to bring in any new cat, pedigrees are thoroughly examined to ensure they comply with our high standards of breeding. We work with only a limited number of breeders whom we have developed trusted relationships with, and whose breeding practices we are familiar with. Note: We don't promote or market the concept of "European Bloodlines" because the truth is, most (not all) European breeders will sell a cat to anyone and won't even care to check if they are registered or if they breed ethically. The international breeding community actually desires American lines of Ragdolls because this is the home of where the Ragdoll breed was created, and many American Ragdoll breeders are award-winning high ranking breeders with highly valued reputations and lines. So if you see a Ragdoll breeding program primarily made up of imported cats, promoting "championship European bloodlines" -- don't fall for the marketing gimmick, in fact, I question why they have to import and why they can't get domestic US lines into their breeding program.

Do you compete your cats in cat shows?

Yes, we are show-breeders who show our cats in competitive cat show halls. We are slowly working on developing our own championship bloodline.

What health tests do you do on your cats?

Every single cat that arrives to us from another breeder is fully vetted and tested. They are tested through and through from FeLV/FIV and fecal tests, all the way through extensive laboratory testing to rule out infectious diseases and parasites. We pride ourselves on being one of the few Ragdoll breeding programs that routinely screens our cats every 6 months to control the spread of infectious diseases and parasites. Additionally, every single one of our breeding cats undergoes full genetic testing (including offspring of tested parents that we decide to hold back for our breeding program). We don't "rely" on test results of parents; offspring that are held back with our own bloodlines are still tested under their own genetic test panel. The genetic test panel includes screening for

  • Acute Intermittent Porphyria
  • Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome
  • Burmese Head Defect
  • Chediak-Higashi Syndrome
  • Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
  • Congenital Erythropoietic Porphyria
  • Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome
  • Cystinuria Type 1A
  • Dihydropyrimidinase Deficiency
  • Earfold and Osteochondrodysplasia (Discovered in the Scottish Fold)
  • Factor XII Deficiency
  • Familial Episodic Hypokalaemic Polymyopathy (Discovered in Burmese)
  • Glutaric Aciduria Type II
  • Glycogen Storage Disease
  • Gangliosidosis
  • Hemophilia B
  • Hyperoxaluria type II
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (Discovered in Maine Coon)
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (Discovered in Ragdoll)
  • Hypotrichosis (Discovered in Sacred Birman)
  • Lipoprotein Lipase Deficiency
  • Mucopolysaccharidosis Type I
  • Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI
  • Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VII
  • Mucopolysaccharidosis VII
  • Multidrug Resistance 1
  • Myotonia Congenita
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency
  • Sphingomyelinosis
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy
  • Vitamin D-Dependent Rickets
We stay up-to-date on genetic testing and use Optimal Selection as our preferred vendor for testing. All of our breeding cats were tested under Optimal Selection's old genetic test panel (before October 2020). Optimal Selection then released a NEW genetic test panel in November 2020 that included new tests for new variants of certain diseases and disorders. We thereafter paid to have each one of our cats re-tested again under the new test panel to stay up-to-date on genetic testing. There are some breeders out there who will only run a limited number of tests through UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory and will only test for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI, Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), and Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency. There are also some breeders out there who are still relying on Optimal Selection's old test panels (before October 2020) and may not realize that the new test can pick up on variants for diseases and disorders that they believe their cat is 100% not a carrier for. It's important to understand that those testings are not exhaustive of the latest testing available to ensure breeding stocks are clean. It's also important to understand that even the latest genetic testing panels are not 100% exhaustive as laboratories are constantly developing new tests for known diseases and disorders as they become available.

What is your health guarantee?

No breeder can promise with certainty that any kitten will be completely and 100% free of a genetic defect and grow up 100% healthy his or her entire life, including guaranteed free from any congenital defect (something that causes a birth defect). However, we take all necessary precautions to reduce the odds of producing a genetically defective kitten by genetically test and screening all of our breeder Ragdolls for hereditary diseases and disorders prior to breeding. Kittens are negative for hereditary diseases and disorders through parentage. Hereditary diseases and disorders are genetic defects that transmit from parents to children through their genes. Congenital diseases and disorders are birth defects and are related to things that happened while the kitten was in utero. Our kittens are seen by a licensed veterinarian and examined for any possible apparent congenital issues prior to going to their new homes. Our genetic warranty covers hereditary and congenital defects for two years. Additionally, we offer a feline infectious peritonitis warranty for one year.

What nutrition do your cats and kittens receive?

We are a raw-fed breeding program. All of our cats and kittens are fed exclusively DarwinsPet, which is a commercial pet raw food company that prebalances, premeasures, and portions out daily servings for each cat and kitten. Additionally, our cats and kittens are also fed Instinct Freeze-Dried Raw Meals Grain-Free Cage-Free Chicken Recipe Cat Food (and the kitten version for the kittens). Our cats and kittens are provided fresh filtered water (never tap) in automatic water fountains.

How are your kittens raised?

We handraise our kittens from birth. When momma cats are in labor, we stay by her side throughout the entire process, assisting when needed, especially if mom needs a break, so we may help her clean kittens and keep her birthing area clean. Our kittens are hand-handled from birth until they go home with you. As newborns, we weigh them twice a day to ensure they are gaining weight appropriately. This helps us to stay on top of their health and make sure they are healthy and strong. Sometimes we may have to supplement feed kittens, in which case they are handfed. Momma cats will primarily take care of their newborn babies up until 4 weeks. At around 4 weeks of age, we begin stepping in to help raise the kittens by introducing food, water bowls, and begin the litterbox training process. At 4-5 weeks, they begin climbing out of the nursing boxes, and between 5-6 weeks, they are climbing all over us, curious with our toes, fingers, shirts, hair, etc. Between 4-7 weeks, kittens are moved from the birthing box to a spacious playpen. Here they will be litterbox trained, learned to drink out of bowls or water fountains, eat from plates, and develop socialization skills. Onward of 8 weeks after their first vaccine, kittens gradually get more freedom and begin free roaming the entire kitten room, with mini cat trees, climbing posts, etc. We expose our kittens to daily household routines such as loud vacuuming, mopping, cooking, watching TV, as well as get them used to car rides back-and-forth to/from the vet. We bathe our kittens at 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks, and 12 weeks. We drive them to our vet at 8 weeks, 11 weeks, and 12 weeks. And they usually meet our dogs around 8-10 weeks of age after they have received their first FVRCP vaccine.

Why do your kittens cost so much?

I want this to be the first Q&A, so that as you read through these Qs&As, you'll understand why. Every breeder out there prices differently and it is often heavily dependent on the quality they put into their breeding programs, albeit some just price high to copy other high priced breeders. It's important for you to do your research and see if you're paying for high quality, or just paying based on market pricing. I am often asked why my kittens cost so much, and I'm often approached by interested people who attempt to "negotiate" with me on my prices or "bargain" with me. As a breeder who has invested so much into this breeding program, pouring my heart and soul, time and energy, it's incredibly insulting when I'm made to feel like the value of what I do isn't worth much. My prices reflect my value, time, energy, commitment, care and quality, and if you don't agree, there are plenty of other registered Ragdoll breeders you can work with. When I started this breeding journey, I adjusted my life around my cats and kittens, I didn't "fit" them into my life. I have over 4000+ square feet in my home and half of that is dedicated exclusively to my cats, so that they can have a nursery space, the boys can have their own space, the cats can have their own living room size space, the kittens can have their own space, and even in my personal spaces such as my office and living room, you'll still find cat trees for when the cats want to follow me and hang out with me. I have a separate fridge and freezer for my cats, separate cabinets and storage for my cats, automatic litter boxes for my cats, etc. I don't take any vacations because it's my job to take care of my cats and kittens every single day. I clean every single day. I invested in a professional stainless steel grooming wash station to continue to maintain the beautiful coats on these magnificent cats. I drive on average 750 miles per month just for my kitties (vet appointments, cat shows, picking up supplies, etc.). My monthly expenses for my breeding program ranges from $5,000-10,000 per month (food alone is $1700/mo, veterinary expenses are $1800/mo etc.). That also doesn't include any cost of living expenses such as a mortgage, utilities, insurance, etc. despite my home being the home of my breeding program. Any "little profit" made goes right back into my breeding program for when I have to bring in new cats/lines that cost on average $5000-6000 each, pay Uncle Sam his share, or cover my breeding program expenses for the next month. Why are my expenses so high? Because I go above and beyond and do thorough veterinary and genetic testing, feed high-quality expensive food, all my cats and kittens receive their veterinary care from a licensed veterinary practice (I do NOT do my own veterinary care or vaccinate my own cats), I continue to care for every single kitten until on average 13-14 weeks of age before I allow them to leave me, all my kittens are spayed / neutered PRIOR to going home and each spay / neuter is a few hundred dollars each, all of my adult cats receive annual veterinary check-ups and stay up-to-date on vaccinations and are randomnly laboratory tested for ongoing screening of diseases and parasites, my cats have their own HVAC system and their spaces are constantly on AC or heat controlled temps throughout the seasons, I replace cat furniture, toys, and bedding on a consistent basis including replacing kitten cat trees after every single litter, I invested in multiple litter robots to ensure my cats always have clean litter boxes to use throughout the day, I assemble every single kitten care package with brand new and quality toys and materials, I have routine travel expenses every single time I travel for a cat show, I provide 24/7 care to ensure their health of my cats and clean home environment, I do NOT cut corners on quality of care. In 3 years, I've had to early pet out breeding cats that I purchased for on average of $4000 each because they arrived to me and I found them to be NOT of breeding quality and could not in good conscience breed them, took losses and spayed/neutered them and placed them as family pets. In 3 years, I've early retired 7 cats (averaging $4000 each) after only 1 or 2 litters and placed as family pets for on average of $500, because they were unhappy as breeding cats and I could not in good conscience continue to breed them. It has always been my goal to produce healthy, sweet, and beautiful Ragdolls that are great representatives of the Ragdoll breed and conform to established registry standards, and it has been a very expensive goal finding the right breeding quality cats to achieve this goal while ensuring their happiness as well. Any kitten offspring of mines that needed board certified veterinary specialist care, I've taken them to see specialists and spent thousands on diagnostic testing only to find a loving home willing to continue this kitten's special needs care and place them at no cost due to possible future financial care. I don't just see a sick kitten and offer them for free, I take the necessary steps to find out what caused a kitten's illness so that I can learn from it and ensure it does not happen again. I stand by my obligations and promises on every single kitten. I may not have the best bedside manner or "customer service" when it comes to generic "do you have kittens available" messages / texts / emails, but I am there for every single one of my past adopters whenever they need me, and I have never cut them off or ignored them after they took their kitten home. So when you are paying for one of my kittens, it's not just the price of the kitten, you're paying for a quality kitten who has been raised with the very best, in a loving environment, and you are contributing to my ability to continue to run a high-quality breeding program and spare no expense in the care and maintenance of my breeding cats and raising my kittens. I don't bargain or negotiate on the quality of care that your kitten receives before he/she comes home to you, so please don't bargain or negotiate with me on what you think my time, effort, commitment and kittens are valued at. <3

At what age do your Ragdoll kittens leave you?

Our Ragdoll kittens will be available to go home with their new families between 13-14 weeks, depending on assessment. The idea of waiting until the kitten is 3 months is daunting on families who may be impatient and are struggling with the excitement of adding a new furry member into their family household (we know). But this age requirement is not only industry standard, it is in the best interest of the kitten. During the first 3 months of their lives, they are still developing emotionally, mentally, and physically. By waiting until they are ready to leave the nest, you are avoiding any potential problems that typically associate with an early separated kitten.

Will I receive my kitten unaltered (whole) or altered (spayed/neutered)?

We have a strict policy on practicing early spay / neuter on our Ragdolls before they go home to their new families. This means that your Ragdoll will have already been spayed / neutered by a licensed veterinarian, prior to coming home with you. We not only want to prevent irresponsible breeding, but we also want to make sure that your kitten comes home and is ready to come home and be a kitten without the burden of you having to take time off of work / school / etc. for the kitten's spay / neuter procedure and healing time. If you are concerned about early spay / neuter, I encourage you to read this article ( about a study done on early spay / neuter. Early spay / neuter has no negative effects on the kitten's development.

Do you require a contract when adopting one of your kittens?

Absolutely! Every kitten that we produce and place as either a pet, with breeding rights, or even with a nominal adoption fee, is placed under a strict adoption contract. Placing our kitten is not something we take lightly. We feel strongly about responsible pet ownership, and breeding. Our contract protects us (the breeder), you (the adopter), and especially, the kitten. If you are not able to agree to the terms of our contract, we are not able to place one of our kittens with you in your care.

Can I declaw my cat?

We respect your right to raise your kitten as you see fit, however we have a strict contract restriction against declawing. This is also industry standard for any responsible and ethical breeder. We strive to prevent unnecessary surgery on all of our felines, including declawing. None of our Ragdolls are declawed, and due to the docile nature of these cats, there has never been a reason to declaw them. We trim their nails weekly to make sure they stay short and we also trim our kittens' nails to get them used to nail clipping. Scratching is a natural behavior and characteristics of cats, and if you refuse to accept that, perhaps a cat may not be the appropriate fit for your lifestyle. Cats can be taught to utilize scratching posts. Please visit the Humane Society's website ( and read the article about declawing. Please note: declawing your cat will void any and all warranties in the adoption agreement.

What if my cat/kitten is not working out? Can I rehome him/her?

Absolutely not. We adopt our kittens to individuals and families who have the intent of providing a forever home to one of our kittens. Too many pets / animals end up in animal shelters, and we strive to ensure that one of our kittens does not end up homeless. I am a military spouse and have moved state-to-state every 3-4 years. I understand the struggle of having to find new housing where pets are accepted (I’ve dealt with this), I understand the stress of moving with a pet (I bought a truck and drive my pets to my new home state each move because they are my family members and family means no one gets left behind), and I understand the hardship and stress of continuing to care for a pet for his/her natural life (I once had to send my dog back to his breeder to live with her for a whole month for further obedience training – it cost me $2,000, but I did not give up on him). Do you see my point here? I’ve dealt with every stress and hardship, but my animals are my family. We don’t give up on family and we don’t forget about them either. So our contract prohibits you from re-homing a KimuraDolls kitten without our permission. This kitten cannot be rehomed, re-sold, leased, or surrendered to any one, any animal shelter, rescue, pet shop, laboratory, etc. However, we do understand that things can happen, we’re only human after all. In the event you can no longer keep this kitten/cat, so long as you remain honest and open with us, we will work to make sure this kitten is given a new loving and safe home, because that is the most important thing that this contract clause protects.

Do you have a return/refund policy?

Yes. If for some unfortunate reasons, things do not work out, you have 5 days starting from the date you take possession of the kitten to return the kitten for a refund of the Balance. The Balance does NOT include the deposit, the deposit stays nonrefundable even under a return. If you register the kitten during the 5 days with the registry organization, your refund will be placed on hold until the registry transfers ownership back to us. Additionally, cat allergies are exempted from the return policy. DO NOT adopt a kitten if you are not 100% absolutely sure that you and anyone in your household is NOT allergic to cats. Returning a kitten is a highly stressful process, and even more stressful on the baby kitten that went from a shock of leaving their home / siblings / mom, to going to a new home with new sights / scents / environment, to then suddenly back in their normal home, to then another new home / environment, etc.

How much do your Ragdoll kittens cost?

Pet quality (Starts at 2500.00): The adoption fee for one of our pet quality Ragdoll kittens that are less than perfectly marked includes the spay / neuter, age appropriate vaccinations, deworming, veterinarian exams (all veterinarian paperwork will accompany your kitten), TICA or CFA registration papers, a copy of the kitten's unofficial pedigree, 30 days pet insurance, and a kitten care package. Pet quality means that the kitten may have a color mismark or some other disqualifying feature under the written registry standard on Ragdolls. Show-alter quality (Starts at 3500.00): The adoption fee for one of our show-alter quality Ragdoll kittens that conforms to show standards includes the spay / neuter, age appropriate vaccinations, deworming, veterinarian exams (all veterinarian paperwork will accompany your kitten), TICA or CFA registration papers, a copy of the kitten's unofficial pedigree, 30 days pet insurance, and a kitten care package. Show-alter quality means that the kitten conforms to the written registry standard on Ragdolls. Retired Adults (Starts at 500.00): The adoption fee for one of our retired breeding Ragdoll cats includes the spay / neuter, updated vaccinations, deworming, veterinarian exam, TICA or CFA transfer registration papers, the cat's official pedigree, and the genetic test reports. Breeder quality (Starts at 4500.00): The adoption fee for one of our breeder quality Ragdoll kittens that are either less than perfectly marked or meets show standards includes age appropriate vaccinations, deworming, veterinarian exams (all veterinarian paperwork will accompany your kitten), TICA or CFA breeder registration papers, a copy of the kitten's unofficial pedigree, 30 days pet insurance, and a kitten care package.

What is your deposit policy?

A deposit of 500.00 is required to reserve a kitten. The deposit is nonrefundable but is credited towards the total price of the kitten. It is transferable one time to the next available litter. If we elect to voluntarily cancel the reservation based on a breach of contract or contract misrepresentation on your part, the deposit stays nonrefundable. If we elect to voluntarily cancel the reservation for any other reason, the deposit is refundable within 21 calendar days. For any other reason, we have the discretion to refund a deposit.

What payment methods do you accept and what are the payment terms?

Deposits are due within 24 hours of receiving the Adoption Agreement. They may be paid via Zelle, Venmo, or Paypal (note: if you elect to pay by Paypal's 'paying for an item or service' option, you are responsible for any Paypal transaction fees). Balances are due at the time of picking up, or before (your preference) if you are coming to our home to pick up, or flying into Norfolk International Airport to pick up. For those using pet flight nannies, having me drive a distance to meet you, driving to your home to deliver, etc., then balances are due 48 hours before scheduled travel. Balances may be paid via Zelle, Venmo, Paypal, cashier's checks, or cash. If paying by cashier's check, the check must be mailed to us in advance, at least 5 business days prior to the kitten's scheduled travel. We do not accept personal checks, Western Union, Cashapp, or MoneyGram.

How can I get my kitten to me if I don't live in the same state as you?

There are a variety of methods of transportation. All delivery / transportation fees are the responsibility of the adopter and are not included in the adoption fee. 1. Picking up from our home: No delivery fee 2. Delivery to your home within 30 miles of 23322: No delivery fee 3. Delivery to an agreed upon location within 1 hour driving distance from 23322: $30/hour on a roundtrip basis (eg. 1 hour drive to meet you is $60 -- $30 there and $30 back). 4. Delivery to the Norfolk International Airport to meet you in person: No delivery fee 5. Pet courier (travels with the kitten in-cabin to your nearest airport). The courier sets the price and you enter into a separate agreement with the pet courier.

What steps do I have to take to adopt one of your kittens?

To read about the entire process, please review our "Adoption Process" page.

How should I prepare for my kitten's arrival?

You should start getting prepared by:
Scheduling the kitten's first exam appointment (since most vets are booked up weeks in advance). Kittens are ready by 12-14 weeks of age, and you are required to have the kitten examined within 72 hours of pick-up, so plan your exam appointment accordingly. Visit our Supplies page and purchase necessary supplies (be sure to check with us on which food / litter your kitten is using). Plan accordingly on how you plan to pick-up your kitten (either drive to our home, ask us to deliver, meet you halfway, meet you at the airport, use a pet flight nanny, etc.) and keep us updated on these plans. Prepare the quarantine space in your home of where the kitten will be staying per the mandatory 3 day quarantine requirement in the contract. It should be a well ventilated space, not too large, equipped with a litter box, food and water bowl, bedding, and some toys. Prepare household members on the kitten's new arrival. If you have other pets, figure out how to keep them away from the kitten's quarantine space (including away from the door -- avoid pawing at or underneath the door or a dog being able to walk up to the door and bark, etc.). If you have children, start teaching them appropriate handling of young kittens. If you have children (or even a spouse) with a bad habit of opening the front / back door and leaving it open, start teaching them to close the door behind them. If you have motorized reclining furniture, get in the habit (and your household) in checking surroundings and where the kitten is BEFORE you recline as well as after.

What happens if I can't pick-up my kitten when he/she is ready?

Our kittens are ready typically between 12-14 weeks of age. Adopters typically have a 1 week notice of when the kitten will be ready to leave us. After that, we offer a 5 day grace period for the Adopter to arrange travel. After the 5 day grace period, we charge a boarding fee of $20 per day. If you plan to have your kitten remain in our care as boarded pets in excess of 7 calendar days, you are required to pay the balance in full. Boarding fees are due before or on travel day (dependent on method of travel). Quite often I have had kittens reserved only to be told they can't be picked up for a few weeks, or a month, or months due to planned traveling / vacations, currently out of the country, etc. Boarding fees are necessary to continue the daily care of your kitten and continue their veterinary preventative care in keeping them on their vaccine schedule.

Do you do FaceTime or Skype or other types of video chats?

No, sorry, I do not do video chatting. I am happy to send you videos on request, but I do not FaceTime or Skype. We do not have any "employees" or "family help" in running our breeding program, and we both have careers as well. Scheduling and allocating times for video chatting is not something we can fit into our busy schedules. You are certainly welcome to find another breeder who is open to video chatting.

What comes in your kitten care packages?

All kitten care packages will come with a Yeowww! catnip toy, Yeowww! catnip sample, crinkle balls, Kong toys, laser, two cat teasers, nail clippers (except for those that are air traveling), cat collar, and a folder containing all of your kitten's paperwork (copy of the contract, health booklet (contains vaccine + deworming record, exam history, any testing results), registration papers, unofficial pedigree, fecal test results, proof of spay/neuter, first exam form, insurance activation form, insurance pamphlets, various FAQ + info sheets). For our show-alter kittens, the kitten care package will also come with a premium Yeowww! catnip toy, extra cat teaser, and the infamous Petz Route cat teaser wand (imported from Japan). Note: toy availability is subject to change.

Who is disqualified from adopting from you?

There are certain adopters we will not adopt to, or we will use discretion on whether to adopt to:

  • Persons who are minors (under 18 years of age);
  • Persons with competency to contract issues;
  • Persons who have returned a pet to a breeder, shelter, or rescue in the past;
  • Persons who have resold a pet in the past;
  • Persons who have given away a pet in the past;
  • Persons who have been charged with or convicted of any type of animal welfare violation;
  • Persons who have voluntarily elected euthanization on any pet in the past that was unnecessary;
  • Persons who have wrongfully sued or wrongfully defamed a breeder, shelter, or rescue;
  • Persons who refuse to accept our contract terms;
  • Persons who demonstrate an inability to provide the necessary level of care to one of our kittens; and
  • Any other person we deem unfit, in our discretion.

Do you offer stud service?

No, we do not. We are a closed breeding program, which means we absolutely do not offer any type of stud service in exchange for any type of benefit. Any time a cat is exposed to another cat from a different breeding program for purposes of breeding only, the risk of infecting one another with some type of bacteria, virus, or parasite is real and is very possible.

What are the terms in your adoption agreements?

In summary, our contracts prohibit or require the following:

  • Prohibits declawing;
  • Prohibits elective surgeries;
  • Prohibits outdoor living (requires indoor living only);
  • Prohibits confining to a small space as their living area;
  • Prohibits more than one vaccine at a time;
  • Prohibits reselling, rehoming, abandoning, giving away, surrendering, etc.;
  • Requires veterinary exam within 72 hours of bringing your kitten home;
  • Requires at minimum, an annual exam;
  • Requires compliance with your state (and locality) vaccination laws for the life of your cat; and
  • Requires at minimum, keeping your kitten on the same food he/she ate with us for at least two weeks;
I know there are a select few who may have read that list and think it's outrageous to put restrictions on a kitten they will own, however keep in mind that the restrictions are for the benefit of your kitten and is a demonstration of our love for the kitten in ensuring his/her healthy and safe life with their new owner. Agreeing to these restrictions is consideration for us in agreeing to place the care and ownership of one of our kittens with you for his / her life.

Do you offer guardian homes?

A guardian home is a "host home" where the cat (or dog) remains the property of the breeder, but physical custody is transferred to a would-be-pet-buyer without them having to pay full price for the cat (or dog). The breeder will continue to use the cat (or dog) to breed during limited times, in exchange, the would-be-pet-buyer raises the cat (or dog) as if they were their pet, only returning the cat (or dog) to the breeder during breeding times, and after a pre-determined amount of breedings are done, full ownership is then transferred to the would-be-pet-buyer. Essentially, instead of paying full price for the cat (or dog), someone agrees to raise the cat (or dog) for the breeder's breeding purposes for a limited time, and the breeder then transfers outright ownership to the custodian once they are done breeding them. We do not offer guardian homes or participate in this type of practice. We need to be able to raise every single one of our cats so that we can get to know each of them, get to know their temperaments, and be able to pick-up on potential health issues that an ordinary pet-parent might not notice. Additionally, we do not take in more cats than we can care for and raise, so each one of our cats and kittens do receive our daily attention, love and care. Our goal is improve our bloodlines and produce great representatives of the Ragdoll breed to promote, maintain, improve, and preserve the breed. Our goal is NOT business oriented in the sense of just purely breeding cats and producing kittens for sale.