We only place breeding rights with breeders we know + trust, or if you come with a referral by someone we know + trust.


You must be breeding to established registry standards. We place breeding rights under limited breeding rights contracts with breeding restrictions. If you breach the limited breeding rights contract, we will take legal action.


We do background checks, and we will want to know about your entire breeding program and home, including where all of your breeding cats came from. We take the placement of cats with breeding rights very seriously. 

I do not just sell breeding rights to anyone willing to pay. I am the gatekeeper to the safety and well-being of every cat I help bring into this world. I breed selectively, and I place breeding rights selectively. 

If you are a new breeder or someone looking to start a Ragdoll breeding program, please read our Mentorship page before reaching out to us asking us to mentor you.

To inquire more about working with us, reach out directly to us at


Hampton Roads, Virginia

(Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach)

20 minutes from Moyock, North Carolina

Phone / Text: 510.427.6650


Note: You may see "Rustic Kittens Ragdolls" throughout our site and pictures. We are now Kimuradolls Ragdolls, formerly Rustic Kittens Ragdolls. We have changed our cattery name to avoid confusion out there with the three registered Ragdoll catteries that use "Rustic" in the various cattery names. We still own the "RusticKittens" name + cattery registration. Read more here.

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