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  • Why do your kittens cost so much?
    I want this to be the first Q&A, so that as you read through these Qs&As, you'll understand why. Every breeder out there prices differently and it is often heavily dependent on the quality they put into their breeding programs, albeit some just price high to copy other high priced breeders. It's important for you to do your research and see if you're paying for high quality, or just paying based on market pricing. I am often asked why my kittens cost so much, and I'm often approached by interested people who attempt to "negotiate" with me on my prices or "bargain" with me. As a breeder who has invested so much into this breeding program, pouring my heart and soul, time and energy, it's incredibly insulting when I'm made to feel like the value of what I do isn't worth much. My prices reflect my value, time, energy, commitment, care and quality, and if you don't agree, there are plenty of other registered Ragdoll breeders you can work with. When I started this breeding journey, I adjusted my life around my cats and kittens, I didn't "fit" them into my life. I have over 4000+ square feet in my home and half of that is dedicated exclusively to my cats, so that they can have a nursery space, the boys can have their own space, the cats can have their own living room size space, the kittens can have their own space, and even in my personal spaces such as my office and living room, you'll still find cat trees for when the cats want to follow me and hang out with me. I have a separate fridge and freezer for my cats, separate cabinets and storage for my cats, automatic litter boxes for my cats, etc. I don't take any vacations because it's my job to take care of my cats and kittens every single day. I clean every single day. I invested in a professional stainless steel grooming wash station to continue to maintain the beautiful coats on these magnificent cats. I drive on average 750 miles per month just for my kitties (vet appointments, cat shows, picking up supplies, etc.). My monthly expenses for my breeding program ranges from $5,000-10,000 per month (food alone is $1700/mo, veterinary expenses are $1800/mo etc.). That also doesn't include any cost of living expenses such as a mortgage, utilities, insurance, etc. despite my home being the home of my breeding program. Any "little profit" made goes right back into my breeding program for when I have to bring in new cats/lines that cost on average $5000-6000 each, pay Uncle Sam his share, or cover my breeding program expenses for the next month. Why are my expenses so high? Because I go above and beyond and do thorough veterinary and genetic testing, feed high-quality expensive food, all my cats and kittens receive their veterinary care from a licensed veterinary practice (I do NOT do my own veterinary care or vaccinate my own cats), I continue to care for every single kitten until on average 13-14 weeks of age before I allow them to leave me, all my kittens are spayed / neutered PRIOR to going home and each spay / neuter is a few hundred dollars each, all of my adult cats receive annual veterinary check-ups and stay up-to-date on vaccinations and are randomnly laboratory tested for ongoing screening of diseases and parasites, my cats have their own HVAC system and their spaces are constantly on AC or heat controlled temps throughout the seasons, I replace cat furniture, toys, and bedding on a consistent basis including replacing kitten cat trees after every single litter, I invested in multiple litter robots to ensure my cats always have clean litter boxes to use throughout the day, I assemble every single kitten care package with brand new and quality toys and materials, I have routine travel expenses every single time I travel for a cat show, I provide 24/7 care to ensure their health of my cats and clean home environment, I do NOT cut corners on quality of care. In 3 years, I've had to early pet out breeding cats that I purchased for on average of $4000 each because they arrived to me and I found them to be NOT of breeding quality and could not in good conscience breed them, took losses and spayed/neutered them and placed them as family pets. In 3 years, I've early retired 7 cats (averaging $4000 each) after only 1 or 2 litters and placed as family pets for on average of $500, because they were unhappy as breeding cats and I could not in good conscience continue to breed them. It has always been my goal to produce healthy, sweet, and beautiful Ragdolls that are great representatives of the Ragdoll breed and conform to established registry standards, and it has been a very expensive goal finding the right breeding quality cats to achieve this goal while ensuring their happiness as well. Any kitten offspring of mines that needed board certified veterinary specialist care, I've taken them to see specialists and spent thousands on diagnostic testing only to find a loving home willing to continue this kitten's special needs care and place them at no cost due to possible future financial care. I don't just see a sick kitten and offer them for free, I take the necessary steps to find out what caused a kitten's illness so that I can learn from it and ensure it does not happen again. I stand by my obligations and promises on every single kitten. I may not have the best bedside manner or "customer service" when it comes to generic "do you have kittens available" messages / texts / emails, but I am there for every single one of my past adopters whenever they need me, and I have never cut them off or ignored them after they took their kitten home. So when you are paying for one of my kittens, it's not just the price of the kitten, you're paying for a quality kitten who has been raised with the very best, in a loving environment, and you are contributing to my ability to continue to run a high-quality breeding program and spare no expense in the care and maintenance of my breeding cats and raising my kittens. I don't bargain or negotiate on the quality of care that your kitten receives before he/she comes home to you, so please don't bargain or negotiate with me on what you think my time, effort, commitment and kittens are valued at. <3
  • Who are you?
    My name is Kim, and I'm living the dream in being able to raise and work with these adorable and lovable cats. I am also a working professional by day; a licensed attorney in Virginia and District of Columbia, and pending California. I am dual registered with The International Cat Association "TICA" & the Cat Fanciers' Association "CFA." I ♥ the Ragdoll breed and strive to promote and maintain the Ragdoll breed standards.
  • Are you a registered breeder?
    Yes, we are dual registered with The International Cat Association ("TICA") as well as the Cat Fanciers' Associate (CFA). You can search for our registered cattery in the TICA database by searching for "KIMURADOLLS" in the search bar: You can search for our registered cattery in the CFA cattery name index by clicking on "K" and scrolling down until you see our cattery KIMURADOLLS: Note: We own KimuraDolls, KimuraRags, and KimuraRagdolls but operate only under the name KimuraDolls. The other variations were registered to prevent copycats.
  • Where are you located?
    I am currently located in SF Bay Area, California.
  • Can I come to your house to see your cats and kittens?
    We do not have "business hours," and we do not have staff on hand. We do not have a "facility" for you to see or visit. Our home is not a pet shop to window shop for a kitten. I raise my cats with me in my home as my family cats, and I am not an open to the public business.

If there are any other questions you have that are not answered here, please feel free to reach out to us and ask at

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