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CURRENT LIST AS OF January 23, 2023

***These preapproved waitlisters have completed an application, signed a deposit agreement, and paid a waitlist deposit. They will be the first to receive kitten offers when we have kittens available for reservation***

1. Jennifer D. (referral)

2. Justin & Megan M.

3. Kimberly S. (2 kittens)

4. Deirdra M.

5. Mirona H.

6. Esmeralda W.

7. Kathryn S.

8. Patsy W.

9. Allison W.

10. Jenny L.

11. Nathaniel W.

12. Gretel S.

13. Philip H.

14. Jonathan L.

15. Terresa Z.

16. Konrad & Bijal P. (2 kittens)

17. Weimin Q.


We keep our waitlist small so that we can shift our focus to a small group waiting for one of our babies. Our waitlist is now closed. Please check back in the Fall of 2023.

By joining our Waitlist, this provides an opportunity for our potential adopters to secure their position and be guaranteed one of our kittens without having to compete with the general public under our old reservation process. Our Waitlisters will be given first opportunity to reserve one of our kittens. Please read this page in full prior to joining our Waitlist to understand our new Waitlist policy.


  • Age appropriate vaccinations (x2 FVRCP)

  • Age appropriate deworming (3-4x)

  • At least 2-3 veterinarian exams

  • The spay / neuter surgery performed by a licensed veterinarian

  • Recent fecal test report results

  • Complete health booklet w/attending veterinarian's information

  • TICA or CFA registration papers

  • A copy of the kitten's unofficial pedigree

  • 30 days complimentary coverage pet insurance

  • A kitten care package containing new toys and teasers

  • 72-Hour limited health guarantee against FeLV/FIV, parasites, and
    obvious issues

  • 2-year genetic disease & disorder health guarantee

  • 1-year congenital disease & disorder guarantee (or 2yrs if pet
    insurance is maintained uninterrupted)

  • 1 year FIP warranty

  • Thoroughly groomed before pick-up

  • Litterbox trained

  • And properly socialized.


1. We only want serious adopters joining our Waitlist. Therefore, a Waitlist Deposit of $300.00 is required to join our waitlist. Additionally, a Waitlist Deposit contract will be required for every Waitlist Deposit. Your Waitlist Deposit provides us assurances of your sincerity to own and care for one of our kittens.

2. Kitten picks will go in the following order for every litter:

  • First Priority: KimuraDolls;

  • Second Priority: Registered Breeders;

  • Third Priority: Those looking for Show-Alter quality AND who commit to showing their kitty;

  • Fourth Priority: Prior adopters + their referrals; and

  • Fifth Priority: All others in order of Waitlist Deposit received.


Note: I will typically holdback a kitten in every few litters (not all) and mostly girls. I seldom place Breeding Rights so this would be rare. I get occasional requests each year for Show-Alter quality kittens for cat competitions, from prior adopters wanting to adopt again + their referrals, but not always and these are not routine each litter as well.


3. As kittens become available for reservation (between 8-10 weeks of age), we will reach out to our Waitlisters (in order of deposit received and based on Waitlister's preference for gender, color and pattern) with a kitten offer. You will have 24hrs to accept or reject.


4. The Waitlist Deposit is nonrefundable. It is not limited to a specific kitten or litter, but will expire if not used after 1 year or if not used after being given 3 different kitten offers, whichever comes sooner. For example, if you make a Waitlist Deposit and are offered a kitten from Litter A, you pass and move to Litter B, then are offered a kitten in Litter B, you pass again and move to Litter C, then if you pass on Litter C, your Waitlist Deposit will expire and you will be removed from the Waitlist, with the Waitlist Deposit forfeited. We are a full-time breeding program and have litters year-round, therefore we expect that all waitlisters will be able to apply their Waitlist Deposit to a kitten of their choice that is available to them within at least 12 months. Our Waitlist is not a means to join and bump litter after litter for an endless amount of time. Please make sure that when making a Waitlist Deposit, you are not doing so spontaneously and commit to adopting one of our kittens within our next 3 litters. If we are unable to offer you a kitten within 12 months, we will refund your Waitlist Deposit.

5. Once a Waitlister picks and confirms the kitten they want to reserve, an additional $300 is required to secure the reservation of the kitten. The Waitlist Deposit and Reservation Deposit are both nonrefundable, so please do not put a deposit down unless you are serious and confident in making one of our kittens your furr-amily member.

5. Wait times can span anywhere from weeks to months. You can check our Kittens page on our website for updates on our breeding plans to get an idea of approximate wait times for a kitten. Please be mindful that not every breeding takes and we cannot control or determine the size of each litter. 

6. The Waitlist Deposit and Reservation Deposit will apply towards the total price of the kitten you choose. Please be sure to check our Pricing page. Our litters will typically have both Pet Quality & Show-Alter Quality kittens.

After reading all the above, if you are ready to join our waitlist, you may complete our Application to join our waitlist. We will respond to you within 24-48 hours. Thank you.




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