Here you will find all of our current and upcoming litters of kittens. Keep in mind that even though they are listed here, that doesn't mean they'll be available for you to reserve if you email us asking if you can reserve him or her. We begin accepting adoption applications when kittens turn 10 weeks old. The adoption application is sent via email to those who joined our waitlist. For more information on how to adopt one of our kittens, please check out our "How to Reserve" page. Thanks!

UPDATED: August 2020

We are expecting kittens in late September. These kittens will be ready for their new homes the week of Christmas 2020. Color / patterns could be seal mitted, seal lynx mitted, seal bicolor, seal lynx bicolor, blue mitted, blue lynx mitted, blue bicolor, blue lynx bicolor. We do not take early deposits. Please click here to learn how to reserve one of our kittens.

FAQ    (Please read these before emailing us as they may answer your questions)

How much is your adoption fee? -------->   CLICK HERE

How do I reserve a kitten? -------->   CLICK HERE

How do I join your waitlist? -------->   CLICK HERE

If I join your waitlist, does this mean I will get a kitten? -------->   We do not guarantee that you will be able to bring home a Rustic Kittens Ragdolls kitten as our waitlist is quite long. By joining, you will be given information and access to our reservation page (along with everyone else on our waitlist).

How do I see pictures of your current kittens available? -------->   Visit our FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM pages where we post all updates.

How do I see pictures of your PAST kittens? -------->   CLICK HERE




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Note: You may see "Rustic Kittens Ragdolls" throughout our site and pictures. We are now Kimuradolls Ragdolls, formerly Rustic Kittens Ragdolls. We have changed our cattery name to avoid confusion out there with the three registered Ragdoll catteries that use "Rustic" in the various cattery names. We still own the "RusticKittens" name + cattery registration. Read more here.

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