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Please make sure to read this Purchase Process page fully.


Join our Waitlist

Join our waitlist here. By joining our waitlist, you are guaranteeing the ability to bring home one of our kitties. When we have kittens available, we will offer them to our waitlist first, and only after exhausting our waitlist will we post kittens available on our Kittens page if we have any left that are not reserved by our waitlist. You may choose to join our waitlist, or monitor our Kittens page for any available kittens.

Our kittens and cats will only become available for reservation between 8-10 weeks of age. 


Complete Waitlist Application

After you've read through our waitlist page as well as the rest of the information throughout our website and are ready to join our waitlist, you may complete an Application for preapproval. Please allow us 24-48 hours to review submitted applications and respond.

Once you are preapproved, we will send you the Waitlist Deposit Agreement to sign and return, as well as instructions for sending the $200 Waitlist Deposit to secure your position on our waitlist.

After you return the signed Waitlist Deposit Agreement and Waitlist Deposit, continue to monitor our website for litter announcements and social media pages for updated kitten pictures. We will reach back out to you when we have a possible litter match for you and when we have a kitten offer for you. This can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.


Reserve Your Kitten

Once you are offered a kitten from us, you have 24 hours to respond with an acceptance or rejection. If you fail to respond within 24 hours, we will treat your nonresponse as a rejection and offer the kitten to the next waitlister in line and you will need to wait for your next kitten offer if no other kittens are available for you. 

Once you accept your kitten, we will send you a Purchase Agreement to review, sign, and return, as well as instructions for making a reservation deposit of $300 to secure the reservation of your kitten. Both the Purchase Agreement and reservation deposit are due within 24 hours. If you fail to send both within 24 hours, we will treat your nonresponse as a rejection and offer the kitten to the next waitlister in line.

At this time, we will also go over the supplies that your kitten uses and what supplies you'll need to order for your new kitty.


Prepare for the Kitten's Arrival

By the time you reserve your kitten or cat, they will be ready to come home to you in approximately 2-3 weeks. Pick-up / delivery days must be scheduled and agreed to within 5 days of signing the Purchase Agreement. 

  • There are several ways to get your kitten home to you.

    • Option 1: You may pick-up your kitten from our home in Chesapeake, Virginia.​

    • Option 2: We can deliver your kitten to your home if you live no more than 30 miles away from zip code 23322.

    • Option 3: We can drive a maximum of 1 hour to meet you and deliver the kitten to you. The delivery fee under this option is $30.00/hour assessed on a round trip basis (e.g., 1 hour there to meet you is $30 and 1 hour back is an additional $30).

    • Option 4: You can fly to our nearest airport, Norfolk International Airport in Norfolk, Virginia, and we can meet you at the airport with your kitten, and you can easily hop back on the plane back home. If you utilize this option, you may opt for a Veterinary Health Certificate which is a pre-flight exam to ensure the kitten is fit for traveling. This is an additional $70 charge and MUST be communicated to me early on to ensure I can get on my veterinarian's schedule.

    • Option 5: Utilize a pet nanny delivery service. I have used pet nannies frequently when delivering or importing cats from all over the world. The nannies I will work with will fly with the kittens in-cabin with them. I do not ship kittens by cargo. There are many nannies out there that may be able to deliver to your nearest airport, subject to their availability. Their fee is typically around $550 +/- for domestic deliveries. If you utilize this option, you may opt for a Veterinary Health Certificate which is a pre-flight exam to ensure the kitten is fit for traveling. This is an additional $70 charge and MUST be communicated to me early on to ensure I can get on my veterinarian's schedule. If you are utilizing this option, you will need to choose your own pet flight nanny. I can assist by providing a list of pet flight nannies I have worked with in the past. Many pet flight nannies can be found on Facebook searching for "pet flight nanny." It is preferable to use one that is USDA licensed, or someone who has good references/reviews.

  • Supplies. Start getting your kitten supplies together: toys, cat trees, etc. A list of our supplies can be found --> HERE.

    • Check with me on the kitten's food BEFORE you buy his / her food! They are not all fed the same thing. Also check with me on cat litter to find out what your kitten uses for litter. Not all of my cats use the same litter. Most use Ever Clean Unscented, but I will use safer litters for kittens such as Catit PeaHusk or PetKit Everclean, so it is imperative that you check with me before ordering.

  • Find a Veterinarian. Veterinarians tend to book up weeks in advance. Start looking for the veterinary that you want your kitten to be seen at. Our contract requires that the kitten be seen by a vet within 72 hours of you taking possession of the kitten in order for any health guarantees to remain intact, NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Prepare the Quarantine Area. The contract requires that the kitten be quarantined for no less than 72 hours after you take possession of the kitten. The quarantine area may be a place such as a bathroom and should be a well ventilated area. It should be big enough that the kitten has a litterbox, food and water bowls, bed, and some toys in the area, but small enough that the kitten can't run all over the place and 'get lost' trying to find their new litterbox. 

  • Research Local and State Rules. Different states and localities have different rules on vaccination requirements and whether or not a cat must be registered aka "licensed" in that jurisdiction.

  • Final considerations. Think about what you want to name your kitten. Once you register your kitten, you cannot change the name with the registry. Also, be sure to prepare all household members on the arrival of your new addition. 


Pay the Balance

All balances must be paid in full no later than 48 hours before scheduled travel / delivery. The only exception is if you are picking up from our home, you may pay the balance in cash only. If you are picking up from our home but would like to pay the balance electronically, you must do so 48 hours before pick-up. No exceptions. We accept Zelle, Venmo, Cashier's Check or Cash. We do not accept personal checks, Paypal, Western Union, or Money Gram. Cashier's checks must be sent to us at least five (5) business days before pick-up. If you pay using the  "Purchase Protection" feature through Venmo, you must include the Venmo (1.95%) transaction fee.


Bring Your New Kitten Home

Congratulations on the new addition to your family!​ Be sure to quarantine him or her right away. The calm environment will help ease some of the stress your new kitten is under due to travel and the transition to a new home.

Bring your kitten in to his / her first exam.

Register your kitten with TICA or CFA using the registration form in the kitten's folder. I recommend waiting until the full 3 day return-period passes before registering your kitten, because registering the kitten will void the 3 day return period.

Send us an update on how he / she is doing! We love hearing from our adopters and seeing pictures of how our kittens are doing and thriving in their new homes.

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