Our breeding program with our current Ragdolls can produce the following options:

Seals: Seal Bicolor  |  Seal Lynx Bicolor

Blues: Blue Bicolor   |  Blue Lynx Bicolor

Chocolates: N/A

Lilacs: N/A

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RusticKittens Tomoe Gozen


Our Family Pet Cat

Tomoe has a special place in our heart and our home. She was born with Flat-Chested Kitten Syndrome & Swimmer's Kitten Syndrome. FCKS caused her to have a flat chest and protruding ribs. SKS caused her to have frog legs that looked like they were swimming when she tried to walk. For the first 5 weeks of her life, we spent countless hours doing physiotherapy, massaging, and routine vet visits for x-ray rechecks.  She was fully casted up from her entire body to her legs. However, she fought through it and fully recovered by 6 weeks and now she is a normal, happy, frolicking kitty. She follows us everywhere we go in the house, sleeps by our feet when we're in the office, sits in the kitchen when we're cooking, and at night climbs into our bed and sleeps quietly. She's let us know that she'd rather stay with us, so we made her a permanent member of our family ♥.

If you ever come visit our home, you'll get to meet Tomoe. She is the absolute sweetest girl.



This page is dedicated to every single Ragdoll cat we had the pleasure of owning, loving, and cherishing during his or her short-time with us in their important jobs of continuing the preservation of the Ragdoll breed.

Our Ragdoll Sires and Dams are petted out of our breeding program by 3-4 years of age. They are petted out for various reasons: nonconformance to established breed standards, nonconformance to KimuraDolls breed standard, not fit for breeding, or the most common reason, they've worked hard and now it is time to retire and enjoy the family pet life.