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Each one of these cats played a role in our hearts, our family, and our breeding program. Though they may have never been bred and produced kittens, or maybe produced the best kittens but reached their retirement goals, they will always hold a special place in our hearts ❤.



Aspen of RusticKittens

Male | Seal Colorpoint

Aspen was our first male Ragdoll with breeding rights when we first started. He was petted out early as a junior kitten and never produced any kittens for us. But he was a wonderful companion, was best friends with our dog Jax (especially), and loved to snuggle on his little cat bed on my desk while I studied everyday. Forever he will stay in my heart, my sweet Aspen <3



RainbowRagdolls Emmy of RusticKittens

Female | Blue Lynx Bicolor

Emmy was one of our first female Ragdolls with breeding rights, and we drove to Canada to pick up Emmy and her sister Ivy (our current Queen). Right away, Emmy and Ivy were incredibly sweet girls, and super loving. I had so much fun with the girls as kittens, my heart just exploded with love everyday with them. Emmy turned out to be better suited as a family pet, and so she was also petted out early as a junior kitten and never produced any kittens for us. She became a wonderful family cat for a lovely couple and Emmy is growing up with a dog furr-brother in New Jersey.



PL*Rag-Bella Hi of RusticKittens

Female | Seal Colorpoint

We imported Hiley to the US all the way from Poland. Hiley turned out to be a "daddy's girl" and especially loved and bonded with Tony. He loved picking Hiley up and flopping her in his arms, and she just absolutely melted with love with Tony. She loved purring alongside Kim's leg and enjoyed being petted and getting belly rubs. Hiley had one litter and she was early retired as a young adult. Hiley is now enjoying her days as a family pet cat for a wonderful family in Ohio.



RainbowRagdolls Zoey of RusticKittens

Female | Blue Lynx Bicolor

Zoey came to us from Canada and was a wonderful and gorgeous Ragdoll addition to our home and breeding program. She was the absolute sweetest girl, loved climbing into our laps to snuggle, and often times made Tony or Kim jealous of whomever she was favoring that day. Zoey had one beautiful litter with us, however, unfortunately she developed closed pyometra after her first litter and had to get an emergency spay surgery. Closed pyometra is a high risk for intact female cats due to hormones fluctuating + their heat cycles. The only way to save a cat's life suffering from closed pyometra is to rush into emergency surgery and have the cat spayed and cleaned up of the infection. The emergency surgery was successful, and Zoey recovered well. We were able to hold back one of Zoey's kittens from her first and only litter, who is now a queen in our breeding program: Hanako. Zoey is now enjoying her days as a family pet cat with her paw-rents in Michigan.



BloomDolls Marley of RusticKittens

Male | Blue Lynx Bicolor

We imported Marley from the Philippines from a Korean breeder. Marley was a big boy and a big softie. As a kitten, he was a happy, energetic, and playful kitten, he'd go crazy over cat toys, especially the cat laser and I often used the laser the run it back and forth and all over the place to help Marley shed some weight because he got REAL big at one point. He was a big talker, and likewise through kittens that LOVED to talk as much as he did. He threw wonderful kittens for us, and gave us many daughters to continue our breeding program!



RockCreek Paisley of RusticKittens

Female | Blue Point Mitted

Paisley came to us from a breeder in California. She was a beautiful cat and gave us plenty of purrs and loves. She had this very unique voice and it sounded like she said "Ow" in a high pitch voice when she meowed! She gave us two beautiful litters before we determined that breeding was just too stressful for Paisley and made the decision to have her spayed and placed as a pet to enjoy the family pet life. We were able to hold back one of Paisley's daughters, our current queen Sakura, who inherited her mommy's unique voice! Sakura reminds us so much of her mommy Paisley everyday! Paisley is now living her best life in Ohio with her new meowmy.



Rags2Riches Stormi of RusticKittens

Female | Seal Point Bicolor

"Stormaloo" came to us from a long-time breeder who has been working with the Ragdoll breed for over 30 years! Stormi was such a cute little poofball when she first joined our family. Her and our former queen Bailey became instant BFFs and they'd chase each other around the house as babies. Oh how I miss these days! She was a picky girl and favored her Kim over Tony, it was quite hilarious to see how Kim and Tony would nitpick over who the cats loved more! Stormi gave us 3 beautiful litters, 2 were planned, and one litter was a singleton kitten from an accidental 30 second breeding when Kim madly ran over screaming and pulling Marley off of Stormi within a few seconds of Marley mounting. Those few seconds resulted in a viable pregnancy and her singleton son Romeo was born! During her breeding career, Stormi developed open pyometra (a uterine infection common to intact female cats due to hormones + heat cycles). We were able to successfully clear the pyometra, but not wanting to put Stormi's life at risk again, we made the decision to spay her and early pet her out as well. She's now enjoying her days with her meowmy in Illinois!



RU*EriaPro Unique of RusticKittens

Female | Seal Lynx Mitted

We imported Uni to the US all the way from Russia. I recall meeting Uni and being blown away by her coat, she had the most amazingly soft and fluffiest coat, never matted, and felt like a bunny coat! She loved hanging out with Kim in her office, and she was a HUGE fan of the cat laser toy! We had a lot of fun zipping the cat wand all over the walls and Uni jumping on the walls like crazy! She gave us two beautiful litters before we made the decision to pet her out. It was obvious that life was stressful for her as a breeding cat. Not all cats are meant to be breeders, and so we made the decision to spay her and retire her early as a young adult. She's now enjoying her life as a family pet cat for a wonderful family out in Ohio!



USAPurrs Bailey of KimuraDolls

Female | Seal Point Mitted

Bailey came to us from Florida. At first meeting, we absolutely fell in love with Bailey. She was the most spunkiest kitten and so live with personality. She got along with every cat, our dogs, and Tony and Kim often fought over who gets to cuddle and hold Bailey.

Our hearts broke when we lost Bailey in Fall 2020. Something was obviously going on with Bailey, and after multiple vet visits, bloodwork and xrays, it was determined that Bailey needed emergency exploratory surgery. The vet could not quite determine what she was seeing on the xray, but she saw something. Bailey was promptly prepped for ER exploratory surgery when Kim & Tony received a call from the operating vet during the surgery with heartbreaking and devastating news. The vet found multiple growths/masses inside of Bailey and strongly recommended humane euthanization. We were informed that even if the vet did her best to remove all of the growths, it wasn't guaranteed she could remove every single one since there were many of them and small ones, and that Bailey's life would be dramatically cut short and probably in pain for the remainder of her life. We made the gutwrenching decision to authorize the operating vet to humanely euthanize Bailey. Our hearts were broken. We said our final goodbye to Bailey post-surgery. In tears, we reached out to every single family who adopted one of Bailey's kittens from her past 2 litters to inform them of the passing of their cat's mom, Bailey. Post-mortem testing revealed that Bailey's condition was caused by the deadly Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) (dry form). FIP is NOT a genetic disease. It does NOT discriminate and can affect any cat, even the most healthiest ones. Unfortunately, Bailey's beautiful soul was one of the unlucky ones, and FIP chose her, and chose to take her from us way too early.

Forever in our hearts she will stay, blessed to have met her, raised her, and be loved by her, we miss you dearly our sweet Bailey-Rue.



USAPurrs Oakley of KimuraDolls

Male | Seal Point Bicolor

"Oak-Bear" came to us from Florida. Immediately meeting my German Shepherd Dog Jax, Oakley began purring and rubbing all over Jax. It was mindblowing! His breeder did a phenomenal job with Oakley, he was a beautiful Ragdoll kitty with the most amazingly soft and medium plush coat and the sweetest purrrsonality! Oakley has given us gorgeous litters and absolutely amazing babies. We have held back two of his daughters and will be able to continue Oakley's lines through his daughters. He's earned his retirement, and is now enjoying his life as a NYC cat!



CZ*LegendaBastet Canada of KimuraDolls

Female | Blue Point Bicolor

We imported "Kana" to the US all the way from the Czech Republic. Kana was a very sweet and beautiful girl. She loved rubbing all over us, and we loved running our hands all over her beautiful floofy coat. Unfortunately things did not work out, and after only having Kana for 3 and 1/2 months, we decided to spay her and retire her early as a junior kitten. She was never bred and never had any kittens. We felt she was better suited for the family pet life, and she's now spending her days as a family pet cat with her new meowdy in Ohio.



RW DGC RusticKittens Issei Emiko

Female | Seal Point Mitted

Emiko and her sister Kichi were holdback kittens from our January 2020 pairing between Marley x Bailey. These girls were inseparable so we decided to keep both together from birth all the way through retirement. Emiko was the sweetest chonky girl, she loved coming up to us, climbing into our laps, demanding pets. She had a wonderful temperament, got along with every cat she met, adored our dogs, we were so smitten with Emiko. We made a very sad decision to early-retire Emiko & her sister Kichi after their first litters. Emiko was a frequent-caller, and went into heat quite often, so allowing appropriate breaks in-between litters became difficult due to her high hormonal levels. She's now enjoying her pet life with her sister Kichi with a wonderful family in Maryland, who is also raising another kitten from us from an AshtonxIvy litter.



RusticKittens Issei Kichijoten

Female | Blue Point Mitted

Kichi, sibling and littermate to Emiko (above) was one of our holdbacks that we raised from birth. She grew into such a spunky, fun, and quite "picky" cat. She was picky about her friends, she was picky about her family, she was picky about her food, etc. Emiko complimented her well, and she often followed Emiko's lead which was very sweet. When Emiko & Kichi gave birth around the same time, the girls refused to be separated and frequently brought their kittens into one another's nursing box to raise together. We wanted to ensure that when we decided to retire Emiko or Kichi, we'd retire both together so that the girls can continue to live the rest of their lives with one another. Kichi is now enjoying her pet life with her sister Emiko with a wonderful family in Maryland.



MaroonBlue Fumiko of KimuraDolls

Female | Seal Point Bicolor

My dearest sweet Fumiko! I waited so long for this girl! She flew to New York all the way from China, and I flew to New York, got a rental car to pick her up, and drove her all the way back home to Virginia. She was 100% worth it. From arrival, she was super sweet, purring and kneading, and so absolutely gorgeous! She loves rubbing her head against me, begging for pets, climbing into my lap, going crazy for chicken freeze dried treats, and running to chase lasers. Unfortunately she wasn't cut out for a breeding career so we had her spayed and she is now enjoying the family pet life with her new meowmy in Virginia.



RainbowRagdolls Ivy of KimuraDolls

Female | Seal Lynx Point Bicolor

My sweet Ivy! Ivy was my first female breeding cat, and the only girl who I started with to finish her breeding career strong! She has been a phenomenal cat, a wonderful mother, produced sweet and healthy babies, and litter after litter she proved to be my best female. She took on other newborns as if they were her own, she has a true momma cat personality. She 100% has earned her retirement after a wonderful breeding career. Ivy has now been spayed, and is being well loved and taken care of by her new family in Michigan!



AdorableDolls Ashton of KimuraDolls

Male | Seal Lynx Point Bicolor

I fell in love with Ashton the moment he arrived to my home. It was very apparent that his breeder raised him with so much love and affection, because Ashton had nothing but love, purrs and biscuits to give. He grew up to be one of my best breeding boys. He had phenomenal boning and structure with a very muscular frame, absolutely gorgeous blue eyes, a correct coat that did not matt, he was a clean boy who kept his area clean and never sprayed, everything about Ashton was top notch. After 3 years, he fully deserved and earned his retirement. He is now living a very loving and spoiled life in Arizona with his new family who have spoiled their cats with their own cat room.

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