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quality, sociable & loving cats


Rustic Kittens Ragdolls


Dual Registered with TICA and CFA. Breeding toward conformation to improve, sustain, maintain, and promote the Ragdoll breed.


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We take great pride in our Ragdoll cats and strive to breed to conformation, superior quality, temperament, and companionship.

Please take the time to read through our website & learn about the Ragdoll and our breeding program. Making sure you and one of our kittens are the right fit is a top priority for us. Become knowledgeable, ask questions, and enjoy the journey.



  • Our upcoming queen RusticKittens Issei Hanako earned her Triple Grand Championship title at the December 2020 Richmond, Virginia cat show!

  • One of our very own, RusticKittens Magnolia of RumiRagdolls earned her Double Grand Championship title at the December 2020 Richmond, Virginia cat show!

  • Our upcoming kings CottonBlues Takeo of KimuraDolls and KimuraDolls Nisei Ichiro, as well as our upcoming queen MaroonBlue Fumiko of KimuraDolls will be competing at the February 2021 Richmond, Virginia cat show.


Triple Grand Champion

RusticKittens Issei Hanako


Double Grand Champion

RusticKittens Magnolia of RumiRagdolls









I feel the need to address this directly on my website. Scammers are on the rise creating fake / scam websites luring you into paying for a beautiful photo of a Ragdoll kitten, a photo that was stolen from another breeder. Please do your due diligence before immediately paying for a kitten online based on one photograph. If the website has multiple images of multiple kittens available, especially if the images all have different backgrounds, it's probably a scam. Many reputable breeders do not and will not have tons of gorgeous kittens freely available like that.

Additionally, many new Ragdoll breeders are popping up like weeds. I am seeing many new breeders copy information written on my website, and slightly re-wording them on their own website, including my ABOUT ME section, my ADOPTION FEES, my ADOPTION PROCESS, etc. Please get creative and stop scrolling through my website just to copy it. It is your cattery, build your own image. Don't piggyback off the backs of other breeders. Everything on my website, things that I have originally written, are still considered copyright protected. You are still engaging in copyright infringement when you copy what I write, or just edit a few words here or there to have my written work tailored to you. Write your OWN "about me" -- cause it's about you. Don't copy what I write about myself and tailor it to you. And please stop copying my adoption fees. My breeding program is the culmination of years of hard work in developing my breeding program, the investment I have made into developing a healthy breeding program with strong bloodlines, the work I have put in, in networking and building bridges with breeders. I'm not sure why new breeders who have not even produced a single kitten think that it's okay to jump right in, immediately build a website and charge the same adoption fees of a more experienced breeder without taking the time to put in the hardwork to justify why your adoption fees are comparable to more experienced breeders as a new breeder. 


Hampton Roads, Virginia

(Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach)

20 minutes from Moyock, North Carolina

Phone / Text: 510.427.6650

Email: hello@kimuradolls.com

Note: You may see "Rustic Kittens Ragdolls" throughout our site and pictures. We are now Kimuradolls Ragdolls, formerly Rustic Kittens Ragdolls. We have changed our cattery name to avoid confusion out there with the three registered Ragdoll catteries that use "Rustic" in the various cattery names. We still own the "RusticKittens" name + cattery registration. Read more here.

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