Here is a list of products and supplies that we use in our home with all of our cats and in raising our kittens. Feel free to continue the use of these items that your kitten is used to, in our home, or use it as a baseline of the supplies that you will need for the maintenance of your kitten / cat.


All of our Ragdolls cats and kittens are fed DarwinsPet, a pet raw food company that formulates their meals to meet nutritional levels established by AAFCO. When they go home, new owners must continue to feed their kittens DarwinsPet, or at the bare minimum, continue to feed DarwinsPet to their kitten for at least 3 weeks before transitioning them to a different food.

NS chicken for cats_121.jpg


Ceramic bowls


Water fountain

Ceramic bowls

Water fountain



Brushes to wash fountain


Glass bowls

Silicone mat for floors

Disposable Eco Friendly Wood Plates

Food scale


These are the most favorite cat treats among our cats!

Freeze-dried chicken

Freeze-dried chicken

Freeze-dried whitefish


Freeze-dried whitefish

The BEST catnip!


These are optional supplements we occasionally use for maintenance of our cats and kittens digestive systems (not required).

Probiotic (vet nutritionist recommended)


Probiotic Powder

Probiotic Powder

Hairball Paste


Our experiences using these various litterbox / litters.

We have multiple Litter Robot 3's in our home, and I cannot recommend it enough! Easy to use, keeps the litterbox clean for the cats, frees up my time scooping, and an app to tell me when to change the bag in the waste drawer! It is EXPENSIVE, but well worth it.

These 24x23 bags are a must if you buy the Litter Robot. They are more affordable than the Litter Robot bags, and they come in a box of 250 bags for $25.

Our 2nd favorite box. Clean & minimalist design with an inside liner to change every so often to keep the box free from absorbing long-time odors. Top flips open for easy scooping access, and a built-in scoop holder on the side.

This is an aesthetically pleasing modern design style litterbox that we use for our kittens. It has a built in litter catcher that assists greatly in controlling litter tracking. Everything is completely washable and easy to wipe clean.


One of our favorite litter mats with little craters that traps all the litter tracked out.

Another favorite litter mat. This is silicone and easily wipeable and vacuumable.


We keep a couple of these Litter Champs around to throw away "cat trash" and empty the bin on trash days.

This air purifier is expensive, but the coverage is wide. We keep this near our litter boxes and it keeps the air circulating and clean. It has an LED indicated light to tell us if the air quality is good or bad, and it automatically ramps up when the air is bad.

These are the replacement liners for the Litter Champ.


Our preferred litter to use with half of our adults and ALL our kittens. Light sweet scent, clumps well, controls odor and tracking is medium.

Our second favorite litter to use. No artificial fragrances, clumps well, and tracking is medium.


More affordable clumping litter and highly used in our litter robots. Excellent clumping power, no artificial scents, tracking is medium.


We sometimes use this with our kittens because it is safe if accidentally ingested. Clumping is weak, so we mix it with Frisco Grass Litter.


We also sometimes use this with our kittens and mix it with sWheat Scoop litter. However, this litter tracks a lot, but clumping power is excellent.

We keep a hand vacuum handy near the litter boxes. Easy to vacuum up tracking and keep things neat and clean.


Skout's Honor is really an amazing cleaner. It really cuts through odor using safe and natural ingredients.


We use this occasionally. A light mist in the litter box or Litter Robot keeps odors under control.


When scooping litter, we scoop into these biodegradable poop bags before tossing.


We had this to our litter box room, so that the cats can come in, but it keeps the dogs out. And it's super cute!


Ragdolls are a long haired cat breed and requiring on-going grooming maintenance. We groom our young kittens with plain regular dawn soap that is diluted in our hands before washing them. As they get older, we use the following grooming products on our older kittens + adults. Honest Baby Wipes come in handy to clean eye boogies, the eyebrow razors are the safest razors we can find to trim rump hair (aka "sanitary trim") without having to take a pair or sharp scissors to their back end, and the butter combs are the best to comb their fur.

Our go-to cleaner. Does an excellent job cleaning and de-greasing the coat.


Our favorite shampoo. We mix this with the dawn soap when soaping up our cats.


For bicolors, this is a must to control the yellowing of the white portion of their coats.


This smells amazing and helps the coat achieve this super silky yet lightweight fluff.


The final step in our grooming. This helps to wash all the product residue out of the coat.

The Chris Christensen buttercomb is pricey but our favorite comb to groom the cats.


A more affordable buttercomb that does just as good of a job


Our favorite nail clippers. Weekly nail clipping is a must!


We use these to help trim the rump hair for sanitary trims.


Our blow dryer that we use to blow dry our cats and kittens.

These are a must have around the house. No harsh chemicals and can be used to clean eye boogies or even the occasional hairball.


Some of the furniture that we have here in our home, our favorites, and in which our cats & kittens enjoy. We prefer and favor wood style cat trees with removable pads for their aesthetic design and so the tree can be easily cleaned (wiped down + pads thrown in the washer routinely -- as opposed to cheap faux fur trees that show wear and tear and build up of layers of cat hair).


Some of the toys that we have here in our home, our favorites, and in which our cats & kittens enjoy.